The Second International seminar Metallurgical mini-mills and electric furnace steelmaking is going to happen on 29 Marth 2017 in Moscow.
In the exhibition hall of the Congress Park at Radisson Royal Hotel, will be presented the stands of the companies from different countries. Currently participation confirmed delegates and representatives of organizations from USA, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, France, Hungary, Turkey, Sweden, China, Norway, Spain, Kazakhstan, Belarus etc.

Aims of the Conference

The conference is to help potential investors to avoid the typical mistakes, and existing millsto improve.


The speakers and experts are the specialists having the experience of mini-mills constraction, organization and managing the assets of big metallurgical holdings in Russia and the world.

Topics of the Presentations

One of the main pointsprime cost of the production in the Russia. How to reduce it on the working manufactures and how to realize new values while projecting new mills. Among the speakers and experts, there will be manufacturers, strategists and marketologists which have a great amount of experience of controlling the mills and other sorts of manufacture. Also there will be suppliers of equipment: Danieli, SMS, Simens.
There is a strong view that the prime costs at mini-mills will always be higher than that the costs of the full time working mill. However, everything is not so obvious . There was an increase among mini mills an increase in 5-6 times for the last decade. It is the cost of the ore, electricity, gas, railway fares etc. Leading consulting firms such as McKinsey, for several years show that the profitability of metallurgical production is not so high.

Objectively, the mills will always have a high demand and standard prime cost. Average distance of transportation of ore, is about 1000 km, produced metal is about 1500 km, coal 2500 km. This means that 1 ton of released metal from 5000 RUB will be expended for transportation by rail. There are other additional costs in the amount up to 1500 rubles/t, which are traditional producers. Also we should take into account debt and credit load mill, which costs 2561 RUB per 1 ton for leaders.
In this regard, we can sum up: compared to mini-mills, traditional metallurgy suffered and additional costs in the amount of 5500-8000 RUB/t.

Additional opportunities and promotions

The participants will be available to book their stay and rest at the hotel Ukraine (Radisson Royal) in stock, and free participation in the exhibition "Moscow International Recycling Expo", on the site which will host the international seminar. The exhibition will also be held on other significant activities relevant to the implementation of the programmes of the Year of Ecology, the development of domestic industry and waste management sector.

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